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We have goals to live a life full of travel, adventure & experiences. We will achieve our family travel goals by traveling as much & as often as we can!

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Tunis, Tunisia, a Beautiful Experience to Last a Lifetime!

When I think about traveling and all the places I want to explore, Northern Africa wasn’t typically on the list. …
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Palermo & Genoa; Our First Trip To The Motherland

Palermo, Sicily Something I always noticed is that often, when you ask an American [in America] their nationality, they will …
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MSC Grandiosa: Our Amazing Family Cruise to the Mediterranean

Check out our experience on the MSC Grandiosa as a family of four!
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Lock bridge, Paris, France
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We’re a family of four looking to share our travel experiences! This blog is as much of an adventure for us as our trips, so bear with us through some learning curves. We are starting to take our travels further than just the North America and we thought what better way to share our experiences than a blog! We hope that we can gain some tricks from our readers and give some of our own. Along with sharing our travels, we will be sharing how we save and fund our trips, and some day to day fun going on in our lives!

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