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Thanks for visiting our travel blog and joining us on our adventures. This blog is as much of an adventure for us as our trips, so bear with us through some learning curves. We are a family of four starting to take our travels further than just North America, and we thought what better way to share our experiences than a blog! We hope we can gain some tricks from our readers and give some of our own.

So here we are, Mom is a teacher, and Dad (me), a firefighter; we have two kids, our daughter is 7 and our son is 4. One of the most important things we thought we could do is take them all over and allow them to grow us seeing and experiencing different cultures, although the walking can get tough on little legs sometimes. My wife and I have traveled to most major cities in the US and some in Canada and Mexico; we will focus on the trips we take as a whole family. So far, in the past two years, we have been to Newport, RI (a summer favorite for us), Lancaster, PA, Ocean City, MD, DisneyWorld, Savannah, GA, and Cancun! Savannah quickly turned into a road trip when Frontier canceled our return flights (that’s a story for another time), but renting a car and driving home gave us a chance to stop in Charleston, SC, spend a night in Raleigh, NC, and stop in Mount Vernon, VA to tour Washington’s Estate. Some other places are on our list of past trips, but the best is yet to come.

Follow us as we explain where we are traveling next, how we save, credit cards, and the points we use. Next stop Global Entry…

12 thoughts on “Join Us As We Travel This Extraordinary World!”

  1. I was reading about your trip in the Southeastern states of the USA.

    It made me think of a book I have just read called LAST BUS TO COFFEEVILLE which had some wonderful travellers who had esprit de corps.

    Travel does have a way of having you broaden your mind and expanding your family.

    So good luck Lauren and Donna from the LIFE AND OTHER STORIES blog.

    I really want to know why you enjoy Newport so much.

    And I am very intrigued about Ocean City, Maryland.

    [this is another connection with my reading – I read about Sea City in New Jersey – which may be a place Ann M Martin and ghostwriters made up – though in the early books she did most of her own writing and wrote from what she knew and what teenagers might enjoy].

    [some of the Babysitters’ Club books about travel are the best – especially when Shannon Kilbourne goes to Paris].

    If you are going to Australia and New Zealand one day – lots of people take The Big Lap in their caravans and recreational vehicles.

    Australia also launched its biggest cruise ship recently and there are the fleets of the Spirit of Tasmania.

    Savannah is a very historical city especially because of the Civil War.

    I wonder if you investigate First Nations history and also ethnic and immigration history?

    Can relate to the walking being tough in little legs [and big ones].

    So accessibility; diversity; inclusion; equity are big values and core values in my travelling practice [and in my TripAdvisor reviews].

    And what about occupational health and safety [I have a feeling you as a firefighter would know something about that…]

    • Thank you for the thorough response. We just love the beauty of Newport! I will have to post some photos. One of our favorite things to do there is sail. My husband loves the fresh seafood and they have great specials. Savannah was another beautiful city. It’s historic setting was very unique! Ocean City is fun, however, it’s not our favorite, we mainly go there for the children who enjoy the resort and beach.

      • Well, the children seem to have taste and an eye for quality.

        Beaches and resorts can be a lot of fun.

        Can’t wait until you post some Newport photos [maybe on your Instagram which seems not to be working at the moment].

        Tell more about the sailing and the seafood.

        The three Ss: sailing; seafood; specials.

        And Savannah. I mostly knew about that city through GONE WITH THE WIND.

        What is it like in the 21st century?

        [maybe from a kid’s point of view…]

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