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Hi! I'm Christina, the mom of Four Tickets to Anywhere! This is a new adventure for us and we're excited to get started! This blog is going to be a mix of different topics, but mainly focusing on travel and how we're able to do so. My husband will be focusing on the financial aspects, he's the numbers man! I will be focusing on the planning and booking (with some help from him😉), but also our day to day lives. Like every mom out there, we are busy! Days and weeks can be chaotic, but we always have our end goal in mind, travel! I'll also share some money saving tips that I use to boost the travel fund a bit. I hope we are interesting enough for you to follow and I hope our journey is exciting and motivating for you! 

8 thoughts on “The mom…”

  1. So true about travel being an end goal.

    Many of us think of travel as a process – at least the process-oriented ones do.

    Interest; excitement; motivation – all part of a successful blogging enterprise.

    Planning and booking – I wonder how you streamline it?

    And what companies do you use? [like; TripAdvisor; Expedia; Wotif]…

    How do you bring the travel agent [locally or nationally] into the process?

    What about tour guides?

    I read on the first blog – your Mexico destination wedding blog.

    Now what is it I read?

    You were into CRUISING!

    Me too – I love river cruising during the day or night.

    And then I think of the inclusions and inclusives.

    Great travel writing, Christina.

    Would like to send some intrepid travellers your way – like Suz Buchko from Boston and Bethany Hildebrandt from Atlanta.

    [and Sarah Coiner from Columbus – her firm is Family Trips Inc].

    • We actually have never used a travel agent for our trips. I mainly do the planning/booking with influence from my husband. We rarely do tour guides as well. We like to explore on our own and experience the city/town as a local may.


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