Check out Fetch, an Easy, Worthwhile, Money Saving App.

Looking for some easy money saving opportunities? Learn about Fetch here!

If you know me, you know I love my money saving tricks! I especially love referring to a site/app and getting extra savings 😉. One of my favorite money-saving apps is Fetch Rewards!

What is Fetch?

Fetch is an easy way to save money by doing what you already do; SHOP! All you have to do is scan your receipt after your shopping trip through the app. The app will analyze your receipt and determine how many points you have earned.

Fetch makes it easy to earn points to earn a gift card. All receipts receive a minimum of 25 points! In addition, they can scan your eReceipts, meaning Amazon (and more!)! If you’re anything like me, Amazon visits your home often, haha! To enhance your points, Fetch also has special offers. If an item on your receipt is one of their offers, you’ll get extra points!

When redeeming your points, Fetch offers many different options. Among the offers are a variety of gift cards to retailers from food, to fashion, to entertainment and more. What’s great about Fetch is that you can get points on ANY retail or restaurant receipt you scan. Rewards can be claimed in different values, I try to wait until I get to 50,000 points ($50 value), just a personal choice!

Check out Fetch Rewards today, use my referral, and we will both get extra points on your first scan!

Referral code: GY8CA or

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27 thoughts on “Check out Fetch, an Easy, Worthwhile, Money Saving App.”

  1. Thank you for letting us know about Fetch.

    Cultural difference: Fetch is an Australian telecommunications company’s set top box which opens up the whole world of digital and smart TV [subject to payments of telephony and Internet].

    And many long years ago it was a search engine [I think connected with InfoSeek or Ask Jeeves].

    Good to know that this American Fetch gets you into a travellers’ community and a consumers’ community.

    Take care of the pennies – and the pounds will take care of themselves [or of course the dollars or the bitcoins].



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