What is Global Entry, PreCheck, CLEAR & Do You Need Them?

If you plan on traveling a lot or a lot already, you might be considering TSA PreCheck or Global Entry; well, we are in a similar situation. We decided that because the nature of our big future travel plans is international, Global Entry seemed like the best option. If you have Global Entry, you can participate in TSA Pre-Check by using your Known Traveler Number when booking, and it was marginally more expensive to choose Global Entry. The most significant difference for families regarding this decision is the cost. TSA Pre-Check allows kids 12 & under to accompany their parents in the Pre-Check line, but once they are over 12, they have to pay like everyone else. Global Entry requires that everyone has it, this means more money, but it might still be worth it, especially if you have a travel card that allows reimbursement.

If you have considered getting a travel card, see what it offers in terms of these entry programs, we have both the Amex Platinum and Chase Sapphire Reserve, we started with Amex a few years ago, and I would say we got a lot of use out the services. Our Global Entry for myself and my wife was covered by our platinum card, and one of the kids on the Chase card. I know these cards have high fees, but they give you many comforts while traveling. Our Platinum account has four authorized users since my sisters keep a card each just for lounge access. If you’re considering one of these cards or maybe some airline-based ones, check out ThePointsGuy, his breakdowns are significant and comparisons are beneficial.

While we are here, if you’re wondering about CLEAR, we didn’t get it yet. It is a benefit provided by the travel cards, but only for the primary card holder. Also, it’s not at some of our go-to airports just yet; this is something to look into if you’re considering it.

Let us know what you use and how it worked for you; we would love to hear if you think these plans are worth it and your experiences using them.

27 thoughts on “What is Global Entry, PreCheck, CLEAR & Do You Need Them?”

  1. I haven’t heard of that, like Lisa said we probably don’t have it. I enjoy reading travel posts as I haven’t travelled much, but in the near future I do want to go on holidays and visit other places.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks for checking us out! Our goal is to travel as much as we can and to give our children all the experiences possible. Although it may seem small, one way that we can do this is by saving every penny we can. Check out Ways to save post, our second post will be out soon.

  2. Global Entry does seem like a good choice if you travel a lot with your family, but that’s good to know TSA Pre Check allows kids under 12 to accompany their parents without having to pay an extra fee.

  3. Amex is known in the Southern Hemisphere.

    And I do know the Travel Security Association [silly me].

    Thank you for the pointer to the Points Guy!

    Lots of Australians try to use their Qantas Frequent Flyer points – they were some of the first loyalty services down under nearly 30 years ago – also a company called Flybuys was a side hustle department stores were pursuing.

    They will ask “Do you have a Flybuys card?”

    Known Traveller Numbers are really important!

    Not that I should expect to get treated like royalty – but I am treated like a customer with respect and that is a very fine thing.

  4. I often think about enrollment in Clear. I often get approached at the JFK airport by a sales representative. Read your last post on the travel rewards card and was very informative as this post.The services you outline are more beneficial for those who travel very regularly.


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