Cancun, Our First Amazing International Vacation!

This past December (December 2021), our family went to Cancun, Mexico, for a destination wedding. We stayed at the beautiful Hyatt Ziva. This was my first all-inclusive experience; we’ve always swayed more towards cruises. Well, the Hyatt Ziva provided how great all-inclusive resorts can be.

This was the longest flight our children have been on, and we came prepared! As always, they had their Kindle Fire, loaded up with downloaded shows. Once you have Netflix or Disney+ downloaded to your device, you can download shows so they can be watched without access to wifi. This kept them occupied throughout the flight. And who can watch a movie without snacks? I packed all of their favorite snacks, saved me money, and kept them quiet!

The bride and groom provided us with a van from the airport to the resort so this was a smooth process for us. Upon arrival, we were greeted by employees and greeted by spectacular views! This resort had it all! Spacious pools, a swim-up bar, endless frozen beverages (our daughter is now obsessed with virgin mudslides!). The food options were endless: American, Asian, a steakhouse, tacos, a buffet, and more! I almost forgot our kid’s favorite spot, the candy store! Endless amounts of candy and ice cream (endless amounts of sugar! haha).

The resort also had a kids club with both indoor and outdoor activities. We didn’t go to it often, as we were with family, and the kids wanted to be with their cousins. There were daily poolside games and shows. You could swim with dolphins and rent a jet ski for an additional fee.

Overall, the Hyatt Ziva had a great deal to offer, from food to fun. I do have to say, I feel that if we had bad weather, I am not sure that there would have been much to do. Whereas, on a cruise, I feel like there is always something going on! However, I would do an all-inclusive resort again, can never say no to some relaxation!

This trip opened our eyes to the experiences we want to provide our children. They still talk about Cancun, play ‘Cancun’, and ask when we will go back. We want them to hold on to these memories and create so many more while growing and learning as individuals. Since this trip occurred before we started our blog and this is my first international-themed post, I am going to leave it at this and say, thanks for reading and I hope you continue to follow us on our journey!

Check out some photos below!

We found this fun sign right off the ocean. Although we’re far, I love this family photo!
Morning reading from our ocean view balcony!

41 thoughts on “Cancun, Our First Amazing International Vacation!”

    • This truly makes traveling so much easier! We are not the parents that always throw the kids on their devices, but none a days, using technology is more normal. Having the ability to download videos makes the trip so much more pleasant!

  1. What did you mean by “endless frozen behaviours”?

    What a great trip.

    A Georgia mate of mine had a brother marry a Guatamelean

    and Mexico is much in my mind at the moment

    because Mexican Independence Day was last week and there was a celebration Patrias which was the whole of South America represented.

    I ate some Mexican cakes/biscuits and tacos [the soft variety] with beef; tomatoes and coriander/herbs.

    This same Georgian mate has lots of videos on her blog.

    Love your morning reading on the balcony – so relaxing…

    Cousinly time on holiday is marvellous – though I would not pass up the chance to meet unknown kids [especially unknown Mexican kids or niños/niña/nine].

    [Paramount and Apple and Amazon Prime might well have their turns in the sun too].

    • Omgosh! You caught my typo, I meant beverages, not behaviors, thank you for calling me out!! We ventured out of the hotel for some ‘street meat’ as we call it in North East USA- food sold from a street vendor and it was AMAZING!! I love too read, and it’s even better in this relaxing environment, I treasured those moments for myself care. I agree- I would love for my children to meet Mexican kids, however, at the resort there did not seem to be any. We look forward to our MSC mediterranean cruise which appears to have children of all different cultures. Thanks for your thorough read!

      • 4tickets2anywhere:

        I could have worked it out from the context – BEVERAGES not BEHAVIOURS.

        Street meat is fabulous.

        I also enjoy it gyros style. They are also known as spit roasts…

        Have a wonderful Mediterranean cruise.

        Street food is a real highlight of travel as I think I have said. And there are legitimate and lived-experience tours of this side of food culture internationally.

        [And you can get your kids cooking – into cooking classes – on their travels – while the adults are doing different things and – as you have said – self-care].

  2. ‪Wow this holiday sounds like it was heavenly. Your photos are beautifully taken. The bright skies with beverages, excitement, fun and a supply of desserts. I’ve not been but it looks very welcoming. Perfect holiday. ‬

  3. Great article! What a lovely idea to capture your family’s travel adventures like this. Many more happy travel adventures to come and read about here 🙂 !!

  4. This sounds like an amazing trip. And I totally agree on the making memories part. If the kids loved it, it must hold special memories for them!

  5. I have a friend who is vacationing here right now and the photos are stunning. Definitely a location on my bucket list.

  6. Oh, wow. Amazing. Cancun is one place I want to visit in the next year or so. My brother went and it was great. That’s a great tip about downloading shows with no wifi. I will have to try that.

  7. I have never been to Cancun before, but it sounds like a lovely place to enjoy and explore. Your reading view was so pretty. Thank you for sharing your adventures.



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