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As we are growing our blog, we are interacting with other bloggers, travel lovers, and just everyday people who have sparked our interest in the world. Chats, posts, and tweets have made us think of countries/cities that need to be added to the bucket list, so here we go! This is a fluid list, always growing! In no specific order:

  • Reykjavik
  • Alaska
  • Barcelona
  • Venice
  • Tuscany
  • Dublin
  • York
  • Santorini
  • Mykonos
  • Banff
  • Amsterdam
  • Almafi Coast
  • Marseille
  • Naples
  • Denver
  • Costa Rica
  • Portofino
  • Lisbon

23 thoughts on “The bucket list…”

  1. Glad you love Marseille[s] so well that you added it to your bucket list twice.

    Other Provençal and Cote d’Azur [the azure coast] locations:

    the Luberon region

    I would also promote the Dordogne region

    and just about everywhere you go on a recent Tour de France

    [Pyrenees and Alpes if your kids and you are into mountain climbing and views].

      • That would be fabulous!

        Glad that I have given you a research sample.

        Hope you find locations closer to Paris in December this year – or indeed before.

        And you might be learning about the arrondissements [regions/districts/strips] and what is in them.

        Also the different neighbourhoods – even the projects/banlieues have something in them.

        [When I wrote about the banlieue – I realised – thanks Wikipedia – that EIGHTY PERCENT of people in the Parisian Statistical Metro live OUTSIDE of Paris].

        I think I did see the replacement city – Lisbon?

        Bilboa is my Portuguese dream. It is because of the art and the culture and the tradition.

        The Train a Grand Vitesse makes everything go faster especially journeys to major cities and through the regions.

        I would also have mentioned




        [Speaking of trains making everywhere in Europe go faster: the Poles are working on their own very fast train – so in the next few years people will be going from Warsaw to Gdansk to Krakow to Lodz faster as well as from north to south and east to west].

        [Australia has not got on the bandwagon even though there are some very scenic journeys and renowned routes – for example the Ghan and the Indian Pacific. The need has been for the cities of the east coast where 85% of people live].

        And when you said York – thought of this great doctor – Fiona – who was Yorkshire-born and Perth [Australia] living.

        Are you thinking of anywhere Scottish; Irish or Welsh?

        That could get the Celtic perspective happening.

        Then I was reminded again of locations in France: Normandy and Brittany.

        Barcelona is really fab: I hope you make it there!

    • Hopefully, we can get to a lot of these places, if not at least the bucket list serves as a challenge. Thank you for reading, I hope to get to the York area one day.

  2. What a bucket list. I am currently working through mine. My last holiday was Mauritius. I always wanted to go. Loved it. Hope you get to fulfil all your dreams.

  3. I live in Denver. If you come, I wouldn’t recommend staying in the city long. Get up into the mountains instead. It’s a bit of a drive, but Ouray is beautiful!

  4. Lovely list of places to add to my family travel bucket list! Been to a couple already, Barcelona being one of my favorites! I’m from Portugal and visit most years but have yet to visit Lisbon, too!

    • We will be doing a day in Barcelona in June then three nights in Lisbon. I’m sure it will not be enough time in either location but it will be a fun experience that will motivate us to go back!


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