An exciting interview with the Keto Queen!


This post is different from our previous ones. I will share my sister-in-law and friend, Jordan Sanabria, in this post. Jordan is an entrepreneur who loves to travel!

Jordan was born in the Bronx, NY, and raised in New City, NY, just north of NYC. She is 31 years old and lives in Brooklyn, NY, where she has created and grown her business. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Jordan had absolutely no business experience. She worked in orthodontics, and it has been her dream since she was 12 years old to be an orthodontist one day.

I have heard of many different fad diets through the years, but as intermittent fasting became more popular, I knew Jordan was my go-to to learn more!

The business adventure:

In the late spring of 2018, Jordan created Keto Queen Kreations in her tiny Brooklyn apartment. Keto Queen Kreations (KQK) is a 100% female-owned, clean ingredients, gluten, nut, and sugar-free product. KQK products are keto-friendly baking mixes, including cakes, cookies, brownie mixes, bread, and breakfast items. I always wondered what encouraged Jordan to start this company. Did she always want to be a business owner? Was she always interested in baking/cooking? How has owning a business worked out for her?

I decided to dig deeper with my friend and learn about her business and whirlwind experience… She candidly stated that she became interested in keto when she needed to lose weight and wanted to try the ketogenic diet. It has been a success, not only for her business but for her health. It also worked out well since she stated, “I have a huge passion for cooking and baking” why not turn that passion into something profitable to help others succeed in their dieting needs?

The start of her adventure:

Initially, Jordan did not plan to start her business selling dry baking ingredients, but she planned to bake and ship already-made keto cupcakes. Unfortunately, the costs of shipping foods with zero preservatives were high. Jordan then took time to reflect on how she could have a keto-friendly business while ensuring costs were friendly for both herself and the customer.

Creating the dry mix did bring some challenges and took a great deal of trial and error. It took Jordan a couple of months to develop her first six mixes. But clearly, she got it right! On July 4, 2018, Jordan began selling her products on Etsy; just a month later, on August 4, 2018, Jordan launched her website Keto Queen Kreations where customers can order directly through her brand.

Prior experience:

Before starting KQK, Jordan worked as a dental hygienist. She stated that as an individual with zero business knowledge, she found the business management end somewhat overwhelming. Again, with some trial and error and help from some experts, her business has been running smoothly and efficiently. In addition to her website and Etsy, KQK is sold at independent grocers across the United States and Canada. Starting this month, 3 SKUs of KQK will launch at all Raley’s locations in California and Nevada! Jordan hopes to expand by one day having her product sold in larger retail grocers. 

Understanding a little more about her challenges, I wondered how she currently feels about being a business owner. Jordan stated, “It has its perks; I can make my schedule and do what I need to and do not have to report to anyone. The downside is that I am the boss, so I never have a day off. Although vacations exist and I can work from anywhere, I am never 100% fully disconnected – Instagram and emails are always buzzing with questions and inquiries”.

I also wondered how her friends and family felt about her ventures, especially knowing her goal for years was to be an orthodontist. “Everyone was shocked since all my friends and family knew my passion for dentistry, and I have no business experience whatsoever, but I felt it in my gut that I was onto something.” Always thinking ahead, Jordan stated that she does have her degree to fall back on if things don’t work out; this was something that she reminded herself and others in the beginning.

Of course, I had to ask the expert what her favorite product that she makes is, and her response was, “Double chocolate chip cookies!”.


Jordan loves to travel in her spare time, which I can’t figure out when that is while owning and growing a successful business. Her preferred method of travel is cruising. Jordan has been on a total of 14 cruises. She has cruised Norwegian, Princess, and Carnival, stating that Carnival is her preferred company; I mean, it is The Fun Ship! Jordan says that she loves to cruise with her long-term boyfriend Nick, and if he can’t get the time off work, she loves a mother-daughter cruise!

A location she has yet to go to but wishes to go to soon is Bermuda. A non-cruise-related place is Italy; although you can cruise around Italy, there are many landlocked locations she would like to see. When asked if she likes other vacations, “I prefer cruising over anything, but if I had to pick, it would be an all-inclusive beach resort”. I have to say, I agree, cruises are a great experience and valuable! Jordan states she loves cruising because “I love being as relaxed or active as you please. The service is usually impeccable, and you can’t beat seeing all the beautiful islands for the price you pay for a cruise”.

In conclusion:

I am in awe of the success of my friend. She has created a product from her small Brooklyn kitchen that sold across the states. And yes, all businesses have started somewhere, but this 100% female-owned business is healthy, prosperous, and empowering to everyone with a passion! Jordan ended our interview by saying, “I didn’t want to look back and say what would have happened if I started that business and where would I be now if I did. Now that I did leap, I can safely admit it was the best chance I ever took!”.

Be sure to check out her website Keto Queen Kreations and enter the code Travel20 to receive a 20% discount at checkout.

Follow her socials for recipes & more! 


  Keto Queen Kreations

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  1. Ang
    I love KetoQueen Kreations! Jordan has the best cake and cookie mixes too! Love your Journey hun! 🤩 cruise away! Travel is the best!

  2. Jordan:

    it was great to read about your orthodontist dream which you’d been pursuing since the age of 12.

    And I hope you do get to visit all the landlocked Italian locations.

    What a great connection with Raley’s.

    I know keto has been very helpful to people who have epilepsy as part of their lives or another form of brain injury.


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