Valentine’s Gifts for the Travel Lover in Your Life!

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and so many gift options exist! Chocolates and flowers are Valentine’s staples, but if you want to impress your partner who loves to travel, check out some of our suggestions!

This Super Cute Jewelry Box

How cute is this mini jewelry box? This Smileshe Jewelry Box has space for earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. It comes in pink and black and is only $8.99! You can surprise your Valentine even further by placing a pretty piece of jewelry inside!

Couples Bucket List Journal

How fun is this couples Bucket List Journal? Have a relaxing night with your partner, learn more about each other, and make travel plans together! My husband and I make our best travel plans on a night together, with a glass of wine and talking about all the things we’d love to explore one day. Personally, this is a gift I would enjoy! This journal is only $9.99!

The Gift of Scrapbooking, an Adventure Scrapbook

What a great way to remember your travels! This 80-page adventure scrapbook can be personalized with all of your travel memories. This is a great couples activity or something your partner/friend could enjoy on their own as a relaxing scrapbooking night. Get it here for $21.99 (clippable $2 coupon currently available).

Personalized Socks Make a Fun Gift!

Does/will the travel lover in your life travel without you? Make sure you’re close by with these super cute personalized socks throughout their travels! Personalize them with your photo and the text of your choice for only $15.95!

Travel Memory Map, what Greater Gift is there than Memories!

There are so many ways to remember your travels. I love these travel memory maps. With so many options, you can be sure to find one that you love. The options include United States maps, world maps, maps that you can add photos to, scratch-off maps, and more! The prices vary, as there are so many options. Check out some of our favorites:

Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Of course, we want those we love to travel in comfort! This napfun travel pillow is memory foam and also provides chin support, ensuring a comfortable ride! Depending on your chosen color, it may come with a sleep eye mask and ear plugs! The pillow is listed for $21.99 but is currently on sale for $13.96!

Universal Power Adapter

This universal power adapter is convertible and can be used in almost any country. It has 3 USB charging ports and 1 USB-C port. This charger is listed for $20.99 but is currently on sale for $17.99! It is much easier to have one adapter that can be used in different countries rather than a collection of different adapters taking up space in your closet.

Electronics Travel Organizer

Whether you travel solo, with a family, or just your partner, it seems everyone has so many cords and power sources these days! Organization is key when packing; that is why I love this organizer! And it is only $12.99!

The Ultimate Toiletry Bag

I LOVE this Bagsmary toiletry bag! It has space for everything, from shampoo bottles to makeup to accessories! It comes in 9 colors/patterns and ranges from $22.99-29.99.

Portable Door Lock

The most important thing we want for our loved ones when traveling is their safety. Gift your loved one with an extra door lock to ensure extra safety when traveling. It’s compact and easy to travel with, and this Amazon bestseller is only $14.99!

We hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day and happy travels!

-Four Tickets To Anywhere

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16 thoughts on “Valentine’s Gifts for the Travel Lover in Your Life!”

  1. These are great gifts! I would love to have that jewelry box, travel memory map, and toiletry bag.I think my hubby will love that universal adapter, electronics organizer and portable door lock. Thanks for the recommendations!

  2. I love the map that scratches off to places you’ve been. I have no need for it right now, as I lost my job. I also like the scrapbook idea too, I do something similar. Thanks for sharing.

  3. These are some Interesting Valentine day’s gift for a Travel Explora. I like the idea of the lock, never thought of it. But I could benefit from the electronic travel organizer. Thanks for sharing.

  4. These are some great gift ideas for people who love to travel in your life. Thank you for sharing your suggestions.


  5. These are some lovely ideas for the travelling lover in your life. Thank you for sharing. I hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day.


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