Where in the World Have Four Tickets Been? Something Exciting has Been Going On!

Our blog has been quiet lately, but that’s only because we have been so busy! Check out our update below!

Hi Readers! Thanks for joining us on our family vacation travel journey! We just returned from our whirlwind dream vacation! This family vacation was different than any we have done prior. First, we left Newark, NJ, and headed to Paris for two nights. Next, we took the train from Paris to Marseille, France, to board the MSC Grandiosa. This European-based cruise line took us on a Mediterranean itinerary to Barcelona, Spain; Tunis, Tunisia; Palermo, Italy; Naples, Italy; and Genoa, Italy. After arriving back in Marseille, we spent the day sightseeing before our flight to Lisbon, Portugal, where we spent two nights.

This vacation was very different than any that we have done before. As our daughter pointed out, we traveled by numerous means of transportation, plane, train, car, boat, and bus. Doing this with young children (7 and 5) was challenging, but it was well worth it for a family vacation. Stay tuned for numerous posts detailing our travels, the good, the bad, and the experiences we had traveling throughout Europe.

Check out some sneak peek photos from our amazing vacation!

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